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Dr Levi's Sleep Clinics
- About Us.

Our Mission
Dr Levi’s Sleep Clinic is unique. We are not interested in just selling a product off the shelf. We follow and assist your journey from diagnosis right through to treatment, customising the most appropriate and effective treatment for you. Our team walks the journey, side by side with you to ensure you have the perfect solution to your sleeping and snoring issues

Our Essence
Australia's leading independent CPAP provider & Sleep Apnoea Treatments.
We are a ResMed Approved DVA Supplier
Stock all the major brands
We are Australian based with stores that you can walk into or call and people who will take your call to discuss your needs.

Our Promise
When you buy from Dr Levi’s Sleep Clinic, you not only buying a product, but receive a lifetime customer support, consultations and free download.
We offer independent, unbiased advice and guidance.
We provided hire equipment, trials and servicing and repairs.
Our online store is open 24/7
Health fund rebates (for those who qualify)

Our Vibe
We will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome to treat your condition in a cost effective, timely and courteous manner.

If you can't find it on our website, then call us to help you...

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